Yoga is Not Stretching (it’s better)

Stretching is Good, Movement is Better

Sure, stretching feels good, but it’s only a small part of an effective wellness regime. Stretching alone is like an exhale without the inhale, or chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate. Having flexibility without strength or strength without flexibility leaves our bodies vulnerable to injury. Stretching on its own is incomplete and often ineffective for many body types (especially those who suffer from significant stiffness and low back malaise!)

Move in ALL the Ways

In order to get that feeling of length and flexibility we need to focus on Range of Motion. In other words, we need to MOVE regularly in many different ways. This is where a well crafted yoga asana practice comes in handy. Asana is the part of yoga that focuses on the body, it is an encyclopedia of beneficial poses and movements. With smart modifications and knowledgeable instruction, there is a Range of Motion practice that is just right for you.

Yoga Goes Beyond Simple Stretching

Range of Motion develops both strength AND flexibility. Every one of my yoga classes is curated to incorporate healthy Range of Motion techniques. We learn anatomical particulars, we discover the full picture of how we move, and we find movements that are best for our unique bodies. My classes move our bodies more skillfully which leads to that feeling of flexibility most of us crave. With a regular yoga practice rooted in Range of Motion we see improvements in our daily lives and an overall sense of health and confidence.

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