What’s a Drishti

what's a drishti


Eye on the prize….

In yoga, we have a drishti,  or a point of focus where we direct our gaze. It is the act of leveling every bit of focus we can muster and concentrate intention into one singular point. Athletes do it, dancers do it, and yogis do it too.


Our drishtis support us. While balancing, the line of sight holds us suspended in midair. It lifts and carries us, and enables our bodies to do the most amazing things. But the second we abandon it or become distracted, the world loosens up and we wobble with uncertainty. Many times we fall, we lose focus and transition quickly back to stability by throwing down a foot or hand to catch ourselves. But if the gaze has enough intention, if we move beyond basic sight and tap into a deeper point, we lift from within and become unstoppable.


Beyond sight

This inner drishti is where wisdom lives. The space where everything we know—everything we’ve learned is concentrated into personal power. It becomes the point from which we draw strength to face whatever comes our way. It is the lift-off that sends us over the arc of the unknown. Where does your drishti take you?