Injury and Mobility: Yoga Can Help

Los Barriles Yoga

Yoga for injury

Yoga focuses on the physical and mental issues surrounding injury, illness, and mobility challenges. Over the past seven years I have developed individualized programs that work in tandem with physician and physical therapy directives to integrate the benefits of yoga into my clients’ daily lives.

Whether you have sustained a temporary injury, or are facing long-term mobility challenges, a comprehensive yoga practice can do wonders for your path of recovery to get your life back. From life changing health events, to the daily pains of life as we get older, you will find that yoga can help, and is quite often doctor recommended!

I have worked with many of my clients for as long as five years and counting, and I am excited to announce a rare opening for private sessions in my schedule this season. References are available upon request.

For information about private sessions and how yoga can improve your current health challenges, contact me directly at

My Experience and Yoga Adaptations Include:

– Loss of mobility due to stroke or accident.
– Recovery from temporary sports injuries and accidents
– Post surgery conditioning
– Chronic pain and arthritis
– Autoimmune disease
– Spinal injuries & reconstruction surgery
– Wheelchair and seated yoga
– Depression and emotional trauma related to injury or accidents

*While I have trained with physicians and physical therapists, I am not a medical professional. All programs must be approved by your physician before we begin*